Get Back Classic Alt+Tab Dialog Box on Window 8 with Alt Tab Tuner VIII

Often Microsoft keeps number of settings and parameters hidden from Windows users. Only when developers dig into codes will uncover such hidden settings and options. We have come across several utilities for Windows OS which modifies the normal behavior or look and feel. Be it simply changing login screen background to complex programs are result of Windows devs and their curiosity.

Here is yet another utility Alt Tab Tuner VIII designed to allow users to modify Alt+tab hidden settings on Windows 8. The alt+tab shortcut allows you to instantly switching between running applications however when it comes to customizing alt+tab settings there are no options available. But with Alt Tab Tuner VIII you can modify thumbnail size, spacing between thumbnails, vertical spacing, Windows title text offset and width focus border.

Alt Tab Tuner VIII

Alt Tab Tuner VII doesn’t require any installation, just download and start changing settings. It also offers you to restore to default in case you mess up settings or enjoy classing alt+tab dialog box.

Here is the default view of alt + tab on Windows 8

Default Alt tab view

And here is the modified view of alt +tab on Windows 8

Smaller thumbnails

Modified Alt Tab settings

Classic alt+tab dialog box

Classic Alt Tab Dialog Box on Windows 8

Every time you make changes to alt tab settings you will need to click on apply button. To restore back to default settings simply click on restore button. Alt Tab Tuner VIII is compatible with Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

Download Windows 8 Alt Tab Tuner VII.

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