CleanMyDrive – Remove Junk Files From Your External Drives On Mac

Got many junk and unnecessary files on your external drives you use it with your Mac? frustrated to find and delete all the junk files manually? If yes, then the application called CleanMyDrive  will definitely come handy for you. CleanMyDrive for Mac is a disk utility application which lets you reclaim the free space and clean junk files from external HDDs and flash drives.

CleanMyDrive takes care of all the external drive connected to the Mac, whether it be the flash drives or the pen drives. If you have enabled to see the hidden files, you might have been many hidden junk folders and files in your Mac. Such files are usually present with names like Thumbs.db, .DS_STORE, Trash folders etc. CleanMyDrive performs an automatic action and clean up such junk files. You can manually clean up your external drives or set up it to be cleaned every time they are ejected.

It gives the brief information about your drive’s free space, used storage and junk storage. Making it more useful, the developer of this application have also added a feature wherein you can quickly eject all the mounted drives with just a click and with lot more convenient way without having to browse through to drive’s location in the Finder.

How To Install and Use CleanMyDrive

Installing and using CleanMyDrive is as easy as eating a pie!. Download and install CleanMyDrive. It can be downloaded from Mac App Store. Downloading app from Mac app store also installs in automatically. Once the app is install, open it from Launchpad or from Application in the Finder.

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CleanMyDrive will now appear in the Mac menu bar as shown in the screenshot below. On click to this icon, CleanMyDrive displays all the list of drives currently mounted or connected to the Mac.

CleanMyDrive For Mac

Next, the app shows information about each connected external drives. You can set up your own personalized settings for each drive. You can enable to clean up the drive whenever it is unmounted or ejected.

CleanMyDrive For Mac

CleanMyDrive For Mac

Hover your mouse cursor to the area showing the amount of Junk file space. Upon hovering, it turns into “Clean” button. Click on Clean button to remove and free up the unwanted space consumed by junk files.

CleanMyDrive For Mac

All connected external drives can be ejected with a single click of “Eject All” option from the drop down menu which appears on clicking the setting icon.

Wasn’t that simple? We have tested this app and it definitely clean up some amount of waste memory from the external drives. It is a handy application for user who connect many external drives for their work. It does no harm to files stored in the external drives.



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