Switch Between Firefox Tabs in Windows Aero Style with Tabsflip

When you are working with multiple opened tabs, it becomes difficult to keep track of all of them and many users tend to forget which website is opened in which tab. Rather than checking each tab one by one, finding the website you are looking for becomes easier when you can preview the tabs. Although users can switch tabs using hotkeys but that too can be very time consuming. If you are a regular Firefox user, you should know that pressing CTRL + Tab switches from one tab to the next one but it does not show you the preview of the opened tabs. Tabsflip is one such extension for Firefox that solves this problem and presents the opened tabs in Windows Aero style along with its preview.

Once installed, the extension will place TabsFlip icon in Mozilla Firefox’s task bar. Clicking on the button will show you how to make the extension work. Its pretty simple and straight forward. All you have to do is press CTRL + Tab as you normally do when switching between opened tabs and it will show you all the opened tabs along with their previews.


Tabsflip is a very useful application for effective tab management. If you work with multiple opened tabs and get confused about which website is opened in which tab, I would suggest you try Tabsflip for Firefox and share your thoughts about it.

Download Tabsflip for Firefox

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