Optimize Memory Consumption of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Other Web Browsers

Back in early internet days, there were few web browsers, limited in functionality and had less memory requirements. As years passed and internet become necessity, web browsers too evolved and number of new web browsers surfaced on the internet and that’s when Firefox became popular and only until Google Chrome came and swept away major chunk of Firefox users.

Both Firefox and Google Chrome offer helluva of functionality but one big problem that these browsers come with is uncontrolled memory usage. If you happen to look at your task manager while you are using any of these browsers you would realize that they end up with consuming gigs of ram even if you have few tabs opened.

Not just these browsers, but also Safari, Opera, IE, and several other browsers too suffer from similar memory consumption issue. On desktop machines having several gigs of RAM, browser high memory consumption doesn’t affect much but on laptops and netbooks with limited RAM this becomes prominent issue, as your system may become unstable and starts hanging.

To optimize browser memory consumption here is the nifty tool, [eMO] Web Browser Optimizer. This is the small and simple utility which offers memory optimization for major browsers. Once you download and install Web Browser Optimizer, double click and run this utility via desktop icon.

[eMO] Web Browser Optimizer

You will notice that the user interface of Web Browser Optimizer is very basic and lists all the major browsers. To turn on memory optimization check “On” radio box and then select the browser you want to optimize for and Web Browser Optimizer will immediatly start optimizing browser memory, there is no apply button.

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Firefox  Browser Optimize Memory

The optimize time is the regular time interval within which the Web Browser Optimizer will attempt to optimize browser memory.

In our test we tried to optimize Firefox and Google Chrome and to our surprise this utility works as it is described. After running Web Browser Optimize the Firefox memory consumption went down from 522 MB to 50 MB. Check out below screenshots as proof.

Firefox  Memory Consumption

Download [eMO] Web Browser Optimizer.



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