Create Custom List of Windows Services to Control Effectively with Service Controller

The main reason behind slow Windows startup is various services and applications added in Windows startup every time you install a new piece of software or application. Often many of them may not be required to be started with Windows, as you can always start them manually as and when needed. But applications and software developers rarely let users to decide to add entry in Window startup or not.

It is easy to deal with few Windows services which you can manually turn on or off but if there are more services then it is cumbersome task to turn or turn off. This is where Service Controller freeware tool will come handy.

Service Controller is the tool developed by Solvecase to minimize the process of controlling Windows services manually. With Service Controller you can create custom list of Windows Services and then start, stop or restart them with one single click.

Once you download and install Service Controller, you can start the utility by double clicking on desktop icon created by installed. The user interface of Service Controller is very simple and has options to add and remove services.

Service Controller

To add new service click on add service button and you will be prompted to browse and select icon image (64×64) and service. Clicking service browse button you will be presented with list Windows Services installed on your system.

Add Service Details

Choose Service

Select the service and click on ok button to add the service to the list. You can also select service start mode to manual mode. Once you finish adding services, you can now start, stop or restart services.

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Service Controller

To remove any service click on Remove Service option and select the service from the list.

Remove Service

Unfortunately the utility only supports two service at the moment and for additional services you need to contact the developer. Also .Net Framework 3.5 must be installed on your system in order to use Service Controller.

Download Service Controller.



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