MagicScroll: Read Web Pages in A Clutter Free Interface [Chrome]

Websites these days have integrated so many advertisements, flash objects and other annoyances that it becomes really difficult to focus on the content. Even If there are few ads, users prefer to read web pages in a user-friendly, simple interface so that its easier to read. If you are looking for a simple way to read web pages in a clutter free, ebook style interface, try MagicScroll for Google Chrome.

MagicScroll for Chrome is a very useful extension that allows user to read websites in a distraction free ebook style with horizontal scroll to navigate pages. Once installed, you will notice a small ebook type icon appear in your extensions area. To get started, all you have to do is open the web page you want to read and click on the extension icon. Within seconds, the extension will transform the web page into an ebook with horizontal scrolling. The extension even support automatic scrolling as well and pages are scroll automatically depending on the scroll speed you set.


The extension also offers users to customize basic settings such as the color scheme and font size. Click on the extension settings icon and select your desired settings. The extension also support hotkeys so that you can activate auto scroll, increase/decrease speed and more using shortcut keys.

Magicscroll 1

Magicscroll is a very handy extension for Google Chrome to improve the browsing experience of users. If you tried Magicscroll for Google Chrome, feel free to share your thoughts.

Download MagicScroll Reader for Google Chrome

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