How To Wirelessly Synchronize Music To iPhone, iPod or iPad

We are sure most of the users would prefer to synchronize iPhone, iPod or iPad using wired USB cable. Yes that’s the easiest way, but we got one more way around that once setup, is equally easy to synchronize music with iPhone or any other Apple device. This is not the trick, just an iTune feature which is ignored by majority of the users. Adding a song wirelessly, does not synchronize your entire device, it just adds a new song. Well, that’s pretty good for you, if you just want songs in your device to be added. So lets follow up the following steps to wirelessly transfer song into an Apple device.

Wirelessly Synchronize Music To iPhone

Note: The same procedure works for iTune for Mac and Windows.

  • By default, wireless synching is disabled in iTunes. So our first step would be to enable it. I would recommend you to have the latest version of iTune, never mind if you have an older one. To enable it, you would need to connect your iPhone (iPad or iPod) via USB to your computer and open iTune. This is the only time you will need to connect the device via USB. This is just to configure the settings.
  • Once you are on iTune and your iPhone (iPad or iPod) is connected, select your device by clicking on it. Here you will see various setting options. Tick mark “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” and click on “Apply”. Now you can eject your device and disconnect it.

Wirelessly Synchronize Music To iPhone

  • We would now recommend you to quit iTune and start it fresh.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your device and computer. Now you will see your device on the sidebar of the iTune. Sidebars are not enabled by default in the latest version of iTune 11. To enable sidebars, go to “View” and select “Show sidebar”. The sidebar will appear with your device name.
  • Now we will guide you on adding songs and music to the iOS device wirelessly without syncing everything. To do this, go to your playlist or song list. The song/songs to add to the device, and drag and drop it to the sidebar.
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Wirelessly Synchronize Music To iPhone

  • While the music/song is being added to the device, this will be indicated by the little spinning icon (shown below in the screenshot). Once the spinning icon disappear, this means that the transfer has been completed.

Wirelessly Synchronize Music To iPhone

And you are done. You have successfully transferred and added new music or song to your device. However, wireless transfer will be slower compared to USB connected synchronization, but its worth compared to hassle of USB cable connection between the device and computer and limitation of distance. Enjoy the wireless synchronization!



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  1. But I think wifi sync occurs only when your device is connected to power cable for charging. This is to save power and not let your device battery dry by syncing all day without connecting it to power.

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