Black Menu: Access All Google Services in Google Chrome

Majority of users use Google services on a regular basis. Opening them one by one on different tabs can be annoying. If you are looking for a simple, one click solution to access any Google services, please give Black Menu for Google Chrome a try.

Black Menu for Google Chrome is a very useful extension that allows users to access all Google services with a single click. Once installed, the extension adds Black Menu button in your browser. Clicking on the extension icon will open a dropdown menu which will show you all the Google services. When you hover your mouse to any tab, it will display the specific service.

To perform search, all you have to do is type the keyword you want to look for and it will open the result in a new tab.


The best thing I like about this extension is that you can check your Google+ notifications right inside Google Chrome without opening any new tab. It also helps users check the latest updated files on Google Drive as well.

BlackMenu 1

With BlackMenu, you can even view YouTube videos without opening any new tab. Just navigate to YouTube tab and search for the video you want to watch. Clicking on the video will open the video page in the popup menu.

In conclusion, I must say that Black Menu is one useful extension and a must have extension for all those who uses Google services. The extension has a simple and easy to use interface and works like a charm. I played around with the extension for some time and couldn’t find any problem with the extension. Feel free to share your views if you gave Black Menu for Google Chrome a try.

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