Windows 8 Apps Data Backup Tool

In Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced app store concept similar to Apple iTunes Store and Google Android Play store. From Windows store you can download metro apps for Windows 8. Unlike Windows 7, in Windows 8 all your metro apps which you have downloaded and installed on your PC are saved in user app data directory with cryptic names.

Windows 8 Metro Apps

In Windows 7 and older Windows version it was comparatively easy to save applications data by backing up files from Program files directory however, in Windows 8 this isn’t as easy and to simplify apps data backup process on Windows 8 here is the freeware tool, Windows 8 App Data Backup.

As the name sounds, Windows 8 Apps Data Backup tool will let you to backup all the data of apps you have downloaded and installed on Windows 8 as well as ability to restore them in case you format or refresh your Windows 8 Installation.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup doesn’t require installation, download and run the executable. At the start you will prompted to close all the running metro apps. Click on OK you will be presented with options to Backup or Restore.

Close Apps

Backup Apps

Click on Backup button will give you list of metro apps installed on your machine. You can either choose to backup all apps or manually select apps of your choice for backup process.

Backup as Zip File

Browse Location


Next is to browse and select the location to store apps data backup file. Windows 8 Apps Data Backup also lets you to choose to zip backup data.

Restore zip backup

During restore process, you will need to first install the apps before restoring its data or else you won’t be able to select the app for restore. ONce you browse and select Windows 8 Apps Data backup file, you will have the list of apps whos data has been backed up.

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Windows 8 Apps Data Backup

Restore Checkbox

You can chose to restore all the apps data or manually select the one which you want to restore.

Download Windows 8 Apps Data Backup.

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