Change Widget Dashboard Background in Mac

Mac is highly customizable machine, but unlike windows it is not that simple. You need to know some tweaks to do the customization. Macintosh machines have widget dashboard where you can add various types of widgets. The default background looks dull and boring over the time after you use it. You change this dull looking background to add your personalized image by following this simple steps. This tweak works for Lion and Mountain Lion version (not tested for Snow Leopard, but we believe the tutorial will be same for that too).



1. In the first step you need an image which you would like to replace the background with. The default background uses repeated property. Meaning your image will be repeated over the background to fill up the entire screen. I usually download background images from

2. Once you have the image you want to apply to widget dashboard background, convert it to .PNG format (if not in .PNG format). Save the image with .png extension to desktop (preferably).

3. Open your Macintosh hard drive. Open System, than Library.

4. Inside Library folder, look up for folder named “CoreServices”.

5. Here you will find an icon named “Dock”. Right-click on it and select “Show Package Contents.”


6. Open Contents –> Resources. Here inside Resources folder browse through the content to find an image named “pirelli.png”. Copy and save this image so that you have a back up copy of it, in case if you need it future again.

7. Rename downloaded image as “pirelli.png” and drag and drop it to “Resources” folder. You will be asked to authenticate, grant the permission and click on “replace” to replace the current image with new one. Now you will be asked to enter your system password, enter it and press enter.

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8. If you have done everything as per the steps above, you are going good. But this does not change widget background yet. You need to re invoke or say do a hard refresh to the dock. To do this open Terminal and type the following command:
killall Dock
and press enter.

Now you can finally see the changed widget dashboard background in Mac.  Voila you are done!

Watch the video below for complete step by step tutorial.

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