View and Change the Files of an EPUB Books with Tweak EPUB

EPUB also known as electronic publication is the open ebook standard developed for handheld devices having small screens with low resolutions. Book authors can convert their digital copy of books into Epub format, so that it can easily sold and distributed for smartphones and low end devices. Epub being open ebook standard, there are wide variety of tools and utilities for all types of platform to create, convert, edit and verify epub ebooks.

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Here is one such free utility Tweak EPUB, as the name suggests this utility lets to view or edit EPUB files. Though the EPUB files are actually zip files but editing .epub files with compression utility might not be good idea as zip file may modify mimetype file rending Epub file unusable.

Tweak EPUB utility allows you to make all the necessary adjustments without any hassles to your EPUB files. With Tweak Epub you can make the changes to individual files while preserving original order of files.

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Tweak EPUB doesn’t require any installation, all you need to do is download and run the executable and you will be promoted to browse and select epub file you want to edit. Once you select and click on Open, Tweak EPUB will display all the files of epub ebook. Usually epub contains HTML, XML, JPG, etc files.

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You can either choose to open any of these files into your choice of program or use Windows notepad to edit xhtml files.

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Tweak EPUB

Once you have made all the necessary changes you can either preview in ebook reader (must be installed) or save the changes. You can also view directory structure and files in windows explorer via View all in File Manager option.

epub files in Windows Explorer

Overall Tweak EPUB utility is simple to use but offers limited functionality for which it is designed, that is to edit and make changes to epub files.

Download Tweak EPUB.



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