5 Best Free Twitter Apps For Mac

Twitter is a very powerful micro blogging tool. It has millions of users, sending equally over many thousands of tweets per day. Managing twitter via web is sometime annoying when you are already browsing many other websites. Wouldn’t it be simpler for you if you get free twitter apps for Mac which will manage your twitter account? Here are some free and best twitter apps for Mac.


TweetDeck is so far one of the best twitter client application. TweetDeck originally developed by a developer Iain Dodsworth was bought by Twitter. TweetDeck provides columned interface. You can add your own personalized columns. The various column options are: home, tweets, scheduled, inbox, activity, favorite, mentions, messages, trends, and lists. The columned format of the app gives you wider access to tweets, mentions, messages. etc depending upon the type of columns you add. For me it simplifies my twitter account in much better way. I do not have to dig into twitter’s website repeated.

Tweetdeck For Mac

Tweetdeck For Mac

Download from Mac Store


Before Twitter bought TweetDeck it had its own version of app for Mac. The official Twitter app does not provide as much options like TweetDeck but its pretty useful for the user who use twitter only for reading their tweet timeline, for tweeting and for sending direct messages. This tiny app is only 2 MB in size but it has a minimal looking decent interface.

Twitter For Mac Client

Download from Mac Store


Tweetanium is another app in the list of free twitter apps for Mac. Tweetanium is even simpler and basic than the official twitter app, and it’s free! Tweetanium is developed by Appcelerator Inc. on Titanium open source platform. Tweetanium will just display the tweet timeline, replies to tweets, check messages and a compose box to write tweets.

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Download from Mac Store


Yet another free and cool looking twitter app for Mac is Janetter. Janetter has impressive features. It has a customizable template, so you can change its background whenever you want to feel new. Apart from this feature, Janetter has a very well build neat interface with lots of features which Tweetanium and Twitter app does not provide. The dock icon for Janetter shows notification for number of unread and new tweets.

Janetter For Mac Twitter Client

Janetter For Mac Twitter Client

Download from Mac Store


YoruFukurou tool for Twitter addicts is another simple and small app available in the Mac store. It’s a tabbed, multi-account Twitter client for OS X and also provides almost the similar features to Janetter. Like Janetter, YoruFukurou displays unread and new tweet numbers in the dock icon. Added to this YoruFukurou provides plenty of other features like single view, conversion view, font change, blocking unwanted tweets, image view, URL shortening and extension and plenty of other features.


Download from Mac Store

These are one of the best free twitter apps for Mac available free of cost on Apple’s Mac store. We will soon be compiling list of paid twitter apps for Mac.



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