Google Redesigned: Change the Appearance of Google Services

Many users do find the default interface of Gmail and other Google services to be dull. There is no doubt that you can change the color scheme from your Gmail settings but that too sometimes makes the interface annoying to some extent. Google Redesigned is a handy Google Chrome extension that allows users to change the look and feel of different Google services with a click of a button.

Once installed, you can manually toggle Google Redesigned for specific Google services like Gmail, Google Reader etc. Clicking on the extension icon will display the services on which Google Redesigned is enabled which are shown with a green round icon right next to the service. If you want to disable it for some services, simply click on that service and it will disable Google Redesigned for that.

Google Redesigned

The best thing about the extension is that it doesn’t request access to your Google services as many other apps do. It does make changes to the CSS stylesheet which are loaded on the user’s browser. The extension emphasizes more on improving the readability of the emails and other content.

Google Redesigned 1

One thing which I don’t like about the extension is that you cannot manually add themes or edit stylesheet so that you can change the color. I am not saying that the theme that comes with Google Redesigned is bad but this would definitely be something many users will like if they have options to change the theme using the extension.

The extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox as well. If you tried Google Redesigned, feel free to share your views.

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Download Google Redesigned For Chrome

Download Google Redesigned for Firefox



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