Transform Windows 8 to Windows XP with Royale 8 Theme

It still feels that Microsoft Windows XP was released just few years ago, but in reality it has been 12 years since its release and two years to end of life. Though the popularity of Windows XP didn’t start to decline immediately, but lack of Microsoft support, no updates and limited applications supporting Windows XP has forced users to upgrade to latest Windows operating system i.e Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Those who made the switch two years back to Windows 7 might continue to use it without the need of upgrading to Windows 8, but those who have recently switched from Windows XP to Windows 8 may find the Metro user interface confusing.

If you like to revive your nostalgia Windows XP memories without downgrading back to Windows XP, then here is the excellent theme pack Royale 8 for Windows 8 Pro to bring Windows XP look back to Windows 8.

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Royale 8 is designed by Deviantart user, xXiNightXx and is absolutely free to use. Royale 8 is exclusive for Windows 8 Pro and this theme can turn any Windows 8 into Windows XP. The following Windows XP elements are added to Windows 8 pro.

Windows XP Sound scheme

Windows XP Bliss Wallpaper

Windows XP Icons

Skinned Start Menu (requires startisback)

Navigation buttons, taskbar, sliders, scrollbars and custom borders.

Transform Windows 8 Pro to Windows Xp

Download Royale 8 for Windows 8 Pro.

Note: Do make sure to create system restore point before applying this theme.

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