How to Install & Enable DreamScene in Windows 7

Windows 7 DreamScene Logo

Windows DreamScene a feature in windows vista which allows video clip, movie show, slideshow or animated image and picture to be set as the desktop background. This was another great feature of windows vista which has been removed in Windows 7.

I am sure many users will be missing DreamScene in windows 7 but don’t worry here is way to install and Enable Dreamscene in Windows 7.The below hack requires you to install and run a patch as Administrator Privileges.

Windows 7 Dreamscene

How to Install Enable DreamScene in Windows 7

1. Download Windows7-dreamscene.exe, this executable patch will automatically copy the necessary DreamScene files and merge require registry keys and entries.

2. Now run Windows7-DreamScene.exe as Administrator to install and enable Windows DreamScene on Windows 7.

Installing Windows 7 DreamScene

3. Make sure you have Enabled Aero in Windows 7 before enabling DreamScene in Windows 7.

The Windwos7-dreamscene.exe installer will copy DreamScene.dll to %WinDir%\System32 folder, DreamScene.dll.mui to %WinDir%\System32\en-US folder and will automatically add required Registry entry.

How to Add Video Clip, Image and apply to Windows 7 DreamScene

1. The Above Installer will create Windows DreamScene in %WinDir%\Web\ folder. You can place any video file that you want to set as DreamScene background wallpaper in this folder.

2. Now to apply any video clip as DreamScene animated wallpaper desktop background right click on Video clip and select on “Set as Desktop Background” from content menu.

Set Dreamscene Desktop Background

Source: My Digital Life

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30 thoughts on “How to Install & Enable DreamScene in Windows 7”

  1. I cant run this as administrator. When I clik right button on it and “run as administrator” it starts, next “Press any key” – I press and shows “You must run this program with admin rights” Any ideas?

  2. Yep, build 7000 is having some issues with this one. Funny, all other programs has worked without a flaw.

  3. To install u must first extract as a rar. i installed on build 7077, supposedly latest. Run Windows 7 command script as admin should work after that. Good Luck

  4. Yes, it works on Windows 7, you must unrar the file and run it from command prompt and it installs just fine. Win 7 RC x64

  5. Well, after setting Windows Dreamscene.. my text labels from desctop icons are now invisible.. only shadows from text are visible.. anyone any ideas?

  6. ya..same prob here…..i cant read the text of my icons when dreamscene is enabled….any help?..

  7. Same problem for me.. i think its the Theme problem, when i change the theme to the normal Aero and then change in back to dreamscene them, the desktop icons return to normal. but when you restart your computer, it goes back to the problem. Icons text’s cant be read… xD any suggestions?


    -right click a video and set to desktop background
    -set folder options to show hidden files
    -go to…
    C:\Users\#username#\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows DreamScene
    -there should be 2 image files of the dreamscene running (1 hidden/greyed)
    -set both files to “read only” & uncheck “hidden”
    -right click desktop > personalise > desktop background
    -under windows dreamscene, you should see both image files
    -make sure both are checked by clicking check boxes next to them
    -set Picture position: Fill
    -save changes

    NOTE: You can now set any dreamscene without text bug, however if you dont
    do the above procedure everytime you set a different video, you will briefly see the
    image of the first video you set at windows startup…therefore just delete both images
    that was set to “read only” and start procedure again on new video.

    Hope this helps

  9. well i install it correctly and it restarts the explore.exe with no effect it does not come up with Set as Desktop Background after i right click on any video file could it be cos am using windows 7 7600 built?

  10. Are you clicking .wmv files or other file types? From memory it only works with .wmv – at least it doesn’t work with .avi…I haven’t tried mpegs.

  11. I see how people are missing text Icons. My problem is a little different. I don’t have any icons at all and start menu will not open even by pressing the Windows key. I just see my desktop photo. Luckily I have stardock or I would not have been able to uninstall.

  12. I want to report a bug. I have Aero theme as indicated and I also installed the program. However the letters under my icons don’t show and I did everything as specified…

  13. thanks for this, any divx files, just rename to wmv and works fine.
    tested on win7 rc1 32bit

    regarding the text fix i had too (do a little diff, but still works)

    set both files to “read only” & uncheck “hidden”
    -right click desktop > personalise > desktop background
    -under windows dreamscene, I had to drag and drop the the two files into the personalise section.

  14. hello, i correctly installed this after extracting the exe with winrar, and the install went exactly as it went. after than i placed several wmv’s into the dreamscapes folder (%windir%/Web) and right clicked them and clicked set as desktop background. after that i got an error message saying “this version of deskscapes is not compatible with windows 7”. can anyone help out? i am using RC7100

  15. alright sweet, firstly, you cant have deskscapes installed at all, which means you cant use dream files. after i uninstalled this, it worked perfectly.

  16. Fix transparent icon text from desktop & automatically reenable Dreamscene whenever it encounters an error:

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