Convert PDF Files into a Kindle Friendly Format Using reFlower

Though most of the smartphone OS has native PDF ebook reading feature and supports only DRM books however, if you attempt to load PDF files meant for desktop reading you would realize it become nearly impossible to read with ease. You will need to pinch and zoom and continuously scroll to read the PDF document.PDF Files on Kindle

On other hand tablets and eBook readers like Amazon Kindle do have larger screen but fonts and two or more column based PDF documents are hard to ready. You will need to format these PDF documents to make it suitable for reading on tablet wand kindle like devices.

Here is extremely useful utility reFlower for Windows as well as Mac OS X snow leopard and mountain lion. reFlower is basically uses a well know and powerful k2pdfopt engine and provide nice GUI interface for formatting PDF files  into Kindle friendly form.

Once you download and install reFlower, start reFlower by double clicking on desktop icon. You will notice a GUI interface with option to browse and select PDF file along with different formatting options for PDF file.

reFlower - Convert PDF to Kindle Friendly

The first three options are self-explanatory,  but the forth option is difficult to get at first which are explained below.

Straighten pages – if you check this option then skewed PDF files will be rendered automatically into straight pages without needed to rescan document to remove orientation.

Native PDF – If you check this option then  then each output pages are rendered directly using source PDF file but with translation, scaling and cropping directives.

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OCR – If you check this option then select PDF file will be convert bitmapped text to native ASCII characters so that text in the output file can be searched and copy/pasted.

Kindle DX – If you check this option then PDF files will be formatted with settings best satiable for Kindle DX.

You can run reFlower without checking any of above options and reFlower will attempt to reformat PDF files with default settings. You may notice that there is no button to process, as soon as you browse and select PDF file, reFlower will start processing the document and output file will be saved with “out” suffix in the same directory as source file.

Output Result

There is no perfect settings that you can rely on. Output depends on source PDF file you are reformatting. If it is scanned document then native PDF option may not work well and you may to try other options.


Download reFlower for Windows.

Download reFlower for Mac Mountain Lion.

Download reFlower for Mac Snow Leopard.



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