Disable Windows 8 Metro Interface, Charms Bar and Hot Corners with Metro Killer

Microsoft did tried to create unique operating system suitable for wider devices such as tablets, notebooks, netbooks and desktops. However, in an attempt to unify interface across its Windows Phone mobile OS and Windows OS Microsoft ended up with most hated user interface i.e Metro Interface.

There has been significant voice among Windows 8 users that Metro UI is least useful and productive on desktop PC and given option many users would love to turn off. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t provide options or way to turn metro interface.

Windows 8 Metro

If you are one of these who hate Windows 8 Metro interface and looking for the way to turn off or disable then here is very useful utility, Metro Killer. As the name suggest, this utility is designed to disable Windows 8 Metro Interface.

Metro Killer not only disables Windows 8 Metro Interface but also Charms bar and WinX menu and hot corners.

Metro Killer is very simple and easy to use utility. All it asks for Do you want to kill Metro User Interface? Clicking on “Yes” button will kill the metro interface. There is no data loss involved.

Metro Killer

Metro User Interace Killer

Once you kill metro interface, pressing Windows keyboard key won’t bring metro.

At any point in time if you want to revert back all you need to do is restart explorer.exe via task manager or restart your system. That’s it.

Download Metro Killer.

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4 thoughts on “Disable Windows 8 Metro Interface, Charms Bar and Hot Corners with Metro Killer”

  1. Hello Sandip,
    windows 8 comes with a typical User Interface, it is hard to get familiar with windows 8 but not impossible ;)
    Nice tutorial on how to disable metro interface in windows 8

  2. Agree that if you spend few days with Windows 8 you might start loving metro, but on desktop PC, metro isn’t as much useful as on tablets and other touch screen devices.

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