Add Send to Evernote Button to your Gmail Account with Powerbot for Gmail

No one can deny that Evernote has revolutionized the online notetaking and archiving. With Evernote, you can not only creates notes out of plain text but also from full webpages, webpage excerpts, audio and voice memos, photos, links and simply add files as attachments to the notes.

The robust support for multiple platforms including smartphones, tables and different OSes makes it easy to carry your notes anywhere. Added to this a synchronization and collaboration feature makes the Evernote even more popular.

If you are an Evernote and Gmail user, then Powerbot for Gmail addon is for you. The simple addon adds the ability to create and access notes right from your Gmail account. Powerbot for Gmail addon is available for Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Once you install this addon/extension you can send emails and messages to your Evernote account with one click.

Powerbot for Gmail (Firefox)

Powerbot for Gmail (Chrome)

Once you finish installing addon/extension you will be asked to complete the one time setup which includes providing access to your Gmail and Evernote account.

Connect to Gmail

Allow Access

Access to Evernote Account  Authorize to Evernote

All Done

Once you finish the setup you are ready to use Powerbot for Gmail. You will notice a two new buttons added to your Gmail interface. One is “Send to Evernote” button visible in email read mode. Second button added to your Gmail interface is “Send thread to Evernote” visible in an email thread view.

Send to Evernote button

Upon clicking on these buttons, you will be prompted to fill up the tags, add comments, change the title and select notebook before saving to Evernote.

Send to Evernote

When you click on Save to Evernote, a small animated notification will appear at the top right corner of the Gmail interface. You will be notified as soon as Powerbot for Gmail finishes saving notes to Evernote.

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The another modification you will notice is Insert Evernote notebook/note in message compose mode. This option lets you to embed a link to your notes or entire notebook.

Insert Evernote notebook and notes

The one of best feature of Power Bot for Gmail is the activity log, once you have installed this extetion you can view all the activity logs of messages sent to Evernote at

Powerbot for Gmail Activity Logs

You can also disable your account from Powerbot web app.

The Powerbot for Gmail addon/extension is pretty neat and can save your time by allowing one click save to Evernote option. However, providing access to Gmail and Evernote accounts may not convince many users.

Download Powerbot for Gmail For Firefox.

Download Powerbot for Gmail For Google Chrome.

Download Powerbot for Gmail For Safari.



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