Easily Manage Windows User Accounts with iUser

Windows offers robust User account settings and options, everything from creating a new user to managing and deleting user accounts is available under User Account settings of control panel. This should suffice casual Windows users however, for administrators managing users on several PCs may not be convenient to do it via control panel.

Though there are command line options too but, that would involve headache of remembering command syntax and manually typing commands isn’t productive at all. This is where iUser will come handy. It is a simple GUI tool for managing users on PC.

With iUser, you can add/delete users and groups quickly. You can also view system information and existing users and groups.  If you have forgot password of an user, then it has an option to quickly reset password of selected user.

The user interface of iUser is fairly simple, and all the options are provided on the main screen.

iUser - Manage Users

To add or delete user simply select appropriate options and enter the username and click OK. iUser will instantly display the result of the last command.

Add User

New User Added

System Information tab shows the details about your current OS, date time, the logged in user name and Windows Installation directory.

System Information

The options to view all users and groups are available under more navigation menu. iUser is compatible with Windows 8, 7 and vista.

Show Users

Show Group

Download iUser.

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