4 Useful Tools To Check for Grammar And Spelling Mistakes Online

It’s always a good idea to check your work for any grammar or spelling mistakes by proofreading it several times. Especially if you are a blogger, or, if you just write for the sake of passion and writing, then you must know that your peers find it very nice and professional when there are no mistakes in grammar and spellings. If you think that your English is not good enough and want to improve it by identifying your mistakes, you can either ask someone to check the text for your or check it yourself using the tools mentioned below, which can help you check your work for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

1. Polish my Writing

Polish my Writing or After the Deadline is an online website that allows users to check their text to find any errors in grammar, style or spelling if there are any.

After the deadline

This is one of the best websites on the Internet to look to in the need for checking your spelling errors, and grammar errors in your text.

To use the service, just copy your text and paste it in the box provided on the website and click on the button that says “Check Writing”. The website will look into your text and after a few seconds display all the errors in your text if there are any – you may wish to right-click and rectify them if you want.

Polish my Writing

2. White Smoke

White Smoke is another online website; spell-checking and grammar checking tool that allows users to copy and paste the text they want to analyze into the box provided and click the button that reads “Check”.

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Once done, the website will read the paragraphs and see if there is any error of spelling, grammar or style and will provide you with a correct revision, if you just left-click on the error.

WhiteSmoke is also available for many other programs and can be embedded within them once installed on the computer. However, the software is not free (though it does come with a trial version that lacks features). On the free online version, there is a limit of maximum 250 words which can be checked using Whitesmoke Online Grammar checker.

White Smoke

3. Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is an easy to use online website that uses a much more user-friendly design to allow people to check their text to see if there are any possibilities of error in the text.


The website has a much more “Microsoft Word” look to it and allows users to paste the text into the text-box after which they may click “Check Text” to see if any errors can be found inside the given text.

Unlike other websites, the website does not allow you to rectify the errors; however, it gives you a good description of what the error is so you may rectify it yourself.

Spell Check Plus

4. Spell Checker

Spell Checker is a simple website that allows users to quickly check if there are any errors in the grammar of the given text.


To use the online tool, just copy/paste the text into the text-box provided on the website and click on the “Check Grammar” button that is located right underneath it.

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A pop-up window will open which shows and allows you to correct all grammar mistakes. The website, however, does not allow users to check spelling mistakes alongside as allowed by other websites.

Spell Checker

There you have It folks, here are five websites available on the Internet that allow you to check your text for any grammar, or spelling mistakes for free. So, the next time you want to impress your readers, be sure to check your text from one of these websites before publishing it to avoid any problems of grammar or spelling.



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