Change Cursors to High DPI Cursors in Windows 8

Usually most of the UI elements of Windows are pixel perfect and scale perfectly on all types of resolutions and DPIs. However, on Windows 8 if you set your DPI to 200% you will notice that cursor doesn’t look good and shows dotted line around icons. We agree that it doesn’t make any sense to have Windows DPI set to 200% but for users having low eyesight might have higher DPI than normal users would require.

To fix the issue of low resolution cursor images here is small utility High DPI Cursor Changer for Windows 8. This tool lets you change Windows 8 cursors to high DPI cursors that contain larger images and have similar appearance to default ones. With these cursors, even when Windows DPI is 200%, cursors will look clean and clear

High DPI Cursor Changer

Simply click on Change button to replace Windows 8 cursors. At any moment if you want to revert back to default once use revert to default option.

Check out below comparison of default Windows 8 cursors with high DPI cursors.

Cursor Comparison

Download High DPI Cursor Changer.

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