Upload Photos to Facebook Pages: Share Images From Web to Facebook With A Single Click

Facebook is not just a place where you can share status updates but also photos and other media content with your friends. When it comes to sharing pictures from the web, you can either save it to your pc and upload or just copy the URL of the image and use it to upload the image to Facebook. Upload Photos to Facebook Pages is one such extension that can get rid of this long process.

With Upload Photos to Facebook Pages, you can upload photos from any website to Facebook with a single click. To get started, simply install the extension to Google Chrome and it will add an icon in your Chrome taskbar.

To use it for the first time, you must be logged in to your Facebook account. The extension adds an option in Chrome’s context menu. However, in order to use the extension, you must authorize the extension to access your Facebook account or any pages that you manage. Clicking on the extension icon will list all the pages you manage along with your Facebook account.

Upload Photo to Facebook

After authorizing the application, all you have to do is right click on any image you want and select Upload photos to Facebook. The extension will ask you if you want to give your photo a caption as well. Once uploaded, the photo will appear on your Facebook timeline and will be saved in a new album named Upload Photos to Page Photos.

One thing which I miss in the extension is the ability to tag people and I hope the developers will take this suggestion in to consideration in the next update. Upload Photos to Facebook Pages might not be useful for every user other than those who regularly share photos to their profiles and fan pages. Feel free to share your thoughts if you gave Upload Photos to Facebook Pages a try.

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