Fake-A-Call Free: Make Your iPhone Ring By Fake Calls Whenever You Want

Face it – sometimes people just do not stop talking! They keep going on and on about things that you are not interested in. In times like these, you desperately hope for your phone to go off so you can use the phone call as an excuse to extract yourself from the conversation. Here to be your savior in such circumstances is an iOS application called “Fake-A-Call Free.”

Fake-A-Call Free, as its name suggests, is an iOS application that is free to use. The app lets you hold fake phone calls on your iPhone which means that your phone rings as though it was an actual phone call. The application is sized at nearly 18 MB and requires your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device to have iOS 4.0 or later running.

Fake A Call 2

This application is virtually a fully functional calling interface, complete with keypad, speaker, mute, and contact buttons. You can set the app to go off at a certain time or simply activate the fake call with the press of a button. To complete your fake call, you can choose from one of 9 different voices that can speak back while you are pretending to hold your fake conversation; each voice has a different script to keep each fake call fresh.

People who have busy schedules cannot afford to be stuck in a boring conversation that does not serve any purpose. For such people who have got an iPhone, this application is going to be heaven sent. Of course, you can always have fun through the application with your friends and fool them into thinking you had a phone call.

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It is up to you how you use the app: to entertain yourself or to extract yourself.

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