Instantly Create Audio File of Word Documents with AudioDocs Creator

There are a number of speech recognition applications for Windows such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, LumenVox and Microsoft Windows 7 also comes with speech recognition engine. However, the tools to convert documents into audio files are next to none though there are plenty online services which lets you to convert online articles or text to audio mp3 files.

No doubt that online services are more preferred than downloading tool or applications, but in case when you don’t have access to internet having desktop tool will come handy. Here is the one small and simple yet perfect tool for converting Microsoft Office 2010 and 2007 Word documents to audio wav files.

AudioDocs is a simple tool designed with one simple goal is to convert word documents to audio files. AudioDocs has very simple user interface and produces compressed wav files quickly.

Once you download AudioDocs, you will realize that it doesn’t require any installation. Just double click on an executable file to start the AudioDocs. The user interface is very simple and only has one single button, MS Word to AudioDoc.

AudioDocs Creator

When you click on this button, another dialogue box asking for the file location with a browse button will open. Simply click on browse button and select word file, you want to convert to audio file and press create button.

File Browse

AudioDoc Created

Once AudioDocs finishes converting document you will get a success message. The created audio file will be saved in the same directory of that word file.

Office Word to Audio wav File

In order to run AudioDocs you need to have Net Framework 4 installed. The one big disadvantage of created audio files is its monolithic ton and less natural voice (uses Window Speech Engine). Also, AudioDocs doesn’t offer any options to customize output audio file.

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Download AudioDocs.



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