GiliSoft Video Editor: Easy to Use Video Editor for Windows

There are a lot of video editors out there in the market, but most of them are complicated to use or they just don’t do a particular file type, however the Gilisoft Video Editor is that one stop solution to your problems. GiliSoft Video Editor is a useful software which has simple user interface and lets you edit any type of the video with some simple clicks instead of entering the custom values of frame rate, size etc. Moreover, the GUI of this editor is easily accessible and useable.

Gilisoft Editor 1

You can download it and install it, its just around 12MB and installs without any problems. The developers have made this video editor in a way that its very easy to use and no one will have any problem using it even if they know nothing about video editing. You can select the output format, and there is such a wide variety of formats that I don’t think they have missed out a single one. They even make your life easier by giving you categories like HD TV, iPod, iPad, online Video, and even for some popular smart phones like Samsung and HTC. So, it is pretty easy to use.

Gilisoft Editor 2

Another great thing about this video editor is the fact that you have a separate editor to do everything, to keep it as simple as possible they first give you the option of cutting your video clips, then comes joining, then effects, subtitles, cropping, and watermark. So you get a different kind of editor for each option.

It a great program if you have just started editing the videos and want something easy to work on, you can try it for free with limited functionality and if satisfied, you can purchase the full version. Be sure to give it a try and leave a comment about the GiliSoft Video Editor.

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