Get Detailed Hardware Information with HWiNFO

Do you have any idea about hardware that’s inside your computer? Do you want to know a little more about your system? HWiNFO™ is a useful tool that enables you to get information about your hardware. It also diagnoses the problems in the hardware and provides in-depth information about everything hardware-related.

It has a nice user-interface and on the left side of the system, a summary that pops up when you first start HWiNFO displaying the information about your CPU. Information like; cores, clocks, cache, platform, CPU name, description, operating points, ratios the cores are being used in and a lot more. On the right side of the system summary, you get information about your GPU, motherboard, and memory modules.

HWInfo 1

You can even run benchmarks and sensor check that show you the information about the processor and your RAM. The benchmark and sensor check buttons are located on the top buttons and all you need to do is click and you will get all the information.

So the thing about HWiNFO is that it shows so much and most of the information is useful for technical experts. But what may appeal to all users is the driver update button and that lets you find the correct drivers for your hardware. However, in order to update your drivers you will need to download software.

The only negative point about HWiNFO is that you will have to download other software for the driver and bios updates. It will leave you with information related things when it comes to the core usage of HWiNFO. It’s free of cost so you can download it and have fun with it and know about your system. Feel free to comment if you tried the software!

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Download HWiNfo [Windows]



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