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Few days back, we share an extension; Save to Drive that allow users upload files to Google Drive from the right click menu in Google Chrome. However, this was an extension released by a third party developer. Recently, Google Drive has released an official extension to take care of this task. And majority of users like you and me would prefer to use the official extension rather than going for any other alternatives.

Save to Google Drive is a handy extension for Google Chrome that allow users to upload files, share web content, photos, audio and video files from the internet to their Google Drive. The extension adds an option to the right click menu of Google Chrome so that you do not have to open any other application to upload files to Google Drive from the internet.

Once installed, it will add a Google Drive icon in your taskbar. Clicking on the Google Drive button will take a snapshot of the entire page and upload it to Google Drive.

Save to Drive 4

If you want to upload a specific image, all you have to do is right click on any image or file you want to upload to Google Drive and click on Save to Drive option. When you will upload file for the first time, it will request you to grant the application permission to access your Google Drive account.

Save to Drive

Once the file is uploaded, you can even rename the file without opening Google Drive from the upload window.

By default, when you click on the Google Drive icon, it will save the entire page as an image file but you can change this from the extension options page. You can save pages as .png (entire page or visible area), .html, .mht and Google Document.

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Save to Google Drive is a very handy extension for Google Chrome and unlike the previous extension; it offers more options to Google Chrome users. If you tried Save to Google Drive, feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

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