Unshorten.it: Find Out Where Shortened URL Leads To

URL Shorteners have gained a lot popularity these days. There is no denying that URL shorteners can come in handy when you have to share lengthy URLS with your friends and colleagues or anyone for that matter. However, when someone shares a shortened URL with you, you don’t know which website it will redirect you to. It might not be the safest option to open any shortened URL especially if its from an unknown recipient or website. So, its always a good idea to see where the shortened URL redirects you to. This is where Unshorten.it comes in handy. Unshorten.it is a useful extension for Google Chrome that allows users to check where a shortened URL leads to and get their safety rating right inside your browser.

First of all, go to Chrome Web Store link given at the end of this post and install Unshorten.it for Google Chrome. The extension does not have any or icon or anything. To make it work, all you have to do is right click on any short URL you come across.


What the extension does is that it will open a new tab showing you where the shortened URL leads to along with how safe it is to browse that link. To determine the safety of the URL, the service use WOT (Web of Trust) service.

Unshorten 3

Unshorten.it has a web application as well that allows users to unshorten URLS but if you ask me, I ll suggest users to use the extension as you do not have to open the website anytime you want to unshorten any URL.

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Unshorten.it is a very handy service and I will recommend this extension to users who come across shortened URLS regularly. If you tried this extension, feel free to share your views with us.

Download Unshorten.it (Google Chrome)

Check out Unshorten Web App



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