PictoText: Easily Extract Text From Images [iOS]

If you are a business man or even have a little business you may come across situations where you are required to scan certain documents and have the text extracted from the given documents. The method of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) comes into the spotlight in such cases. The given app in this situation: PicToText makes uses of an OCR engine to extract text from images captured with the iOS device’s camera.

However, this is not necessary as you can easily choose any image from your Photo library and extract text from that following image.

Pictotext (1)

Using the application is pretty simple and easy. However, it must be noted for the readers that the application is currently only available on IOS devices and supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 4.0 and later.

Navigate to the iTunes App Store link given at the bottom of this post. Install the application on your iOS device and get ready to have some fun. Once the application is installed, fire up the application.

The main dashboard will appear. Click on the “Pick a Photo” button and you will be displayed with two options:

  • Camera
  • Photo Library

If you wish to take a new photo, choose the camera app. If you already have the image and want to extract text from it, use the Photo Library app.

Once the image is captured, click on the “Use” button and the app will automatically use the OCR engine to extract text from the image. While the application is not dead accurate. It does its work if the image captured is the way it is meant to be – in good light conditions, focused and text being clearly visible.

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Pictotext (2)

One thing to note here is that it might not be 100% accurate but does a pretty decent job in scanning and converting the image in to text. If you gave the application a try, feel free to share your views.

Download PicToText (iTunes App Store)



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