5 Must Have Extensions For Firefox

Add-ons or Extensions are the ones which decides the features of a browser. Apart from the inbuilt features and options, extensions adds more features to a browser. For instance, if you want to take a screenshot of a webpage or want to get better readability on your browser there are plenty of extensions available for that. So extension plays an important role in the efficiency of a browser. Firefox is one of the widely used browsers all over the Internet. It has plenty of useful extensions to simplify user needs and many web applications were available as extensions for Firefox.


We have already wrote plenty of reviews on different web applications and useful extensions for various browsers. Today we are going to discuss about five must have extensions for Firefox, which helps to improve your productivity, Privacy and the Security of your browser. Let’s have a look at the extensions for Firefox below.

Ad Block Plus

Ads are one of the biggest disturbances while you browse and visit websites to download something. Apart from disturbances it creates security threats on your browser. Hackers create an Ad with a malicious link and spread them through their websites. These type of security threats are called Adwares and it will steal user’s browsing data, banking transactions, email passwords, etc. Ad block plus for Firefox will prevent you from all these things while you surf through the Internet.

Download Ad Block Plus

Last Pass

Password Managing applications are pretty much important for people who need to remember many log in details for their online accounts. Last Pass is one of the best password managing extensions for Firefox. You can store all your online account usernames and passwords in your browser and retrieve it whenever you want. Even you can store your credit card details in Last Pass extension for easy access. It will lock all the information you store with a master password. So your information will not be misused at any cost.

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Download Last Pass

Flash got

Flash got is a download manager embedded with your browser. You might have used or heard of Internet Download Manager (IDM), it is one of the best download manager application used to download files from Internet with the maximum download speed. Flash Got is a similar extension for Firefox, it downloads links, movies, audio files, etc., with  maximum download speed. Compared to the Firefox download manager, it has plenty of features and excellent download resume capability.


Download Flash Got

Skip Screen

When you go to download something from the file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Mediafire, 4Shared, etc., you will get unnecessary pages before you get the download link. You can use this Skip Screen extension on your Firefox browser to avoid to those screens while you download the files. After you install this extension, the countdowns on those download pages will not appear. It will save your time as well as your browser from adwares hijacking.

Download Skip Screen

Session Manager

If  your browser crashes while you are have opened some twenty tabs on your browser, it will ruin your entire browsing experience. It may because of the plugins you have added or because of the applications you installed in your computer but the closed tabs can’t be restored. In order get rid of that you can use this Session Manager extension in Firefox to save and get back all those closed tabs. Every time you open a new tab and open a website, it will save that particular session and after crash if you open the browser it will restore all the tabs automatically.

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Download Session Manager

These five extensions gives an excellent browsing experience in your Firefox browser. If I have missed any of your favorite and most useful extensions for Firefox let me know in the comments. Also try these extensions in your browser and share your experience with us.



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