Save To Drive: Easily Save Files to Google Drive From Your Browser

If you are a Google Chrome user then this extension can be very useful to you. If you use Google Drive on a regular basis, there may be times when you come across stuff on the Internet that you like a lot and want to save in your Google Drive for later purposes – this can be an image, HTML5 audio and HTML5 video, and even a mere link.

By default, you will be required to download the above stated stuff using a third-party application onto your local computer. You will then have to navigate to your Google Drive and upload the following file onto it. Even so, saving links would be a hassle. Saving videos would be time consuming as they are usually large in size.

Save to Drive is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows users to quickly save stuff found on the Internet onto your Google Drive. Using the extension is really simple and saves the user plenty of time as they do not have to first download and then upload the file on Google Drive.

Save to Driv

To start off, navigate to the link provided at the end of this post. Download and install the Google Chrome extension. Once done, navigate to any website that holds the object of importance – it is to be remembered that the object must be ‘publicly accessible’. Right-click on the object and you will see the option to “Save to Drive”.

You can then save the link or either the image/video/audio straight to your Google Drive account. You of course need to be logged in into your Google Drive account and configure the account on the “Save to Drive” extension as well to make it work.

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If you tried Save To Drive for Google Chrome, share your views with us.

Download Save to Drive (Chrome extension)



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