Customize Windows Context Menu with Right Click Enhancer

For any Windows user, the right-click is one of the most important menus found in the Windows operating system. While this menu contains quite a handful of operations and tasks, there are many tasks that are missing. Right-Click Enhancer is a software that enhances the power of this context menu and brings in extra features. These extra features amount to help a lot as you will learn.

The very first step is to navigate to the website mentioned below and download the Right-Click Enhancer software for your Windows operating system. You may wish to download the “Portable” version if you are not in the mood to install the application on your system.

Once done, run the application. The dashboard will open from where you can enhance the powers of your amazing context menu. You can easily add ‘shortcuts’ to your context menu. This saves you time and allows you to access these software (s) in one-click.

Right-Click Enhancer 1

One of the most helpful tweaks I found was the “Create File List” tweak. There are many instances where you require to know the list of files present in a folder. Instead of taking a screenshot of the folder, or writing each file in the folder separately, you can use this tweak to generate a list automatically.

Right-Click Enhancer 2

There are a few features missing from the FREE version of Right-Click Enhancer, but I believe those tweaks are something you can live without. The ones already present in the FREE version are absolutely helpful and must have for every Windows user. The WYSIWYG interface of the program ensures that what you want is what you get. As the name of the tweak suggests it’s function, the application can be used by anyone; even though with absolutely no knowledge of Windows and it’s complex functions.

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