Summer: Get Information on People Easily in Your Browser

Summer is an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows people to quickly gain access to information regarding either a person or a topic. If you browse the Internet a lot, you might find a lot of trending and interesting topics and even people, such as authors, that might interest you a lot. Looking for information on those authors or people might be a time consuming task when you don’t know where to search for it. But thanks to Summer extension, this process is made way lot easier.

Summer is one such interesting and unique extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows users to find information on the given topic or author. While Summer is quite the interesting concept, it is, at the moment, only compatible with a few websites, such as: Yahoo!, MSN, TIME, People, ESPN, CNET, Forbes, and many other websites.

To start off, navigate to the link provided below and install/download the extension (Summer) for your Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser. Now, when you navigate to a website that supports Summer, and the fact that Summer has some information relevant to the topic you are reading, you will see the name/topic in special “Blue brackets” – you will also see the Summer tab icon visible.

Summer 1

Clicking on the icon will show you the names of the people mentioned in the article. Click on the name and Summer will show you a summary of their biography of the person, videos found on YouTube, Twitter account and much more. It is quite an amazing application in the sense that users know who the mentioned people in the article are. These days, the people change every now and then and thus, Summer allows people to keep in touch with the news and with the people mentioned.

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Summer 2

Also, as their details are given in a summary the user need not search for them on Google or on Wikipedia and bother with long and boring essays.

Summer 3

Feel free to share your thoughts if you gave Summer extension a try.

Download Summer for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox



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