Disconnect.Me: Easily Disable Third Party Data Tracking

The Internet is no more a safe place. While you think you are very isolated from the world, and that whatever you do is personal, and kept only to yourself and deleting the history wipes the records of your browsing, you are utterly mistaken. Many large third-party websites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and more track their users around the web gathering sensitive data. This data is then later sold on to other third-party companies that are interested in this data – for example, inforgraphics are produced in this way as companies find out which people visit which website the most and which search is most popular in a country and so on and so forth.

Disconnect.Me is an online extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari that allows users to encrypt their network and stop these third-party websites from tracking you. This in turn ensures a private browsing experience.


One of the best features about Disconnect.Me is the fact that it not only encrypts your data sent over and from these third-party websites but also has an option to protect the data being transmitted over the WiFi. This protects you from unwanted access of your data that is beamed to and fro from your WiFi device.

Using the add-on is pretty simple, which makes it better. Navigate to the add-on link and download the extension for your respective browser. The link is provided below. Once done, you will see the Disconnect.Me icon in your browser toolbar. You can click this to see how many requests to track you have been blocked.

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If at any given time, you wish to allow these websites to track you; for some purposes, just click on the following website to unblock it. Simple.

Disconnect.me (Extension)



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