Note’d: A Pretty Interesting Notes App for iPhone

In olden days when people want to take a note of something they search for a paper and a pen but now a days people search only for their mobile phones. Sounds funny isn’t it ? but it’s true. After Smartphones came into existence, most of the physical activities like these have been digitized. That’s why smartphones have become a part of people’s life and business. Today we are going to discuss about one such app for iOS devices called as “Note’d”. Though iOS devices has got an inbuilt Notes application from Apple, the features are not enough for people. So people switch to these type of third party apps where they get plenty of features and options to save and retrieve their notes.

In App Store we have plenty of notes applications available. Some of them were very famous for its features and widely used by many iOS users. In that “Evernote” is one of the most famous and widely used notes app across various platforms. Let’s see how Note’d differs from Evernote and what are all the feature makes it unique from others.

First of all, the interface is very simple to use and understand. You can use this app as a diary, for taking note of a brief memo,  for travel notes, wishlist for supermarket and for all the basic notes app functions on your Smartphone. One of the unique features of note’d app is, the way it displays all your notes. You can categorize different set of notes as Notebooks and name them for easy access. For instance, if you are preparing a travel note or a shopping list, you can list them in a separate Notebook so that you don’t want to search all your notes for finding it.

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Similar to other notes apps, it supports Text, Images, Voice Memo and Maps. It will use the inbuilt GPS of your iPhone to save a text or image along with the location. Even you forget the purpose of that particular note, the location may remind you the things. Another important feature in Note’d is, you can backup all your notes to dropbox with just few taps. So that you will not lose any of your notes as well as it will stop your old notes getting crowded on the app. It allows you to apply separate theme for your notes. This not only gives the unique look also it will helps you to pick your desired notes quickly when you apply different themes.

Note’d will keep all your notes more safe and secured. You can password protect your notes and easily make them private. Having this password protection feature, you can use your note’d app as password managing tool for all your online accounts. Even you can save your credit card details, net banking passwords on your notes and password protect them. In case you forget the password or card details, your notes will help you out. It is a best notes app for all your iOS devices and you can download this app from App store for just $0.99. Try this app on your device and share your experience with us in the comment box.



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