DataWiz: Keep Track of The Amount of Data You Use [iPhone]

Most smartphones do not come with a default way of keeping track of the amount of data you spend while on the Internet. To keep track of it, you would require a software or app. DataWiz is one such application which does the task just right. DataWiz is an application best suited for people who have a contract that allows them to use only a certain amount of data usage.

The DataWiz app allows users to monitor carefully their mobile device’s usage and also allows you to predict the future usage so you can save money on your phone bill – by cutting down on the usage you will manage to save your bill.

An easy to use interface allows you to understand the app quickly without any complex information displayed or anything. Easy-to-understand graphs and data usage quota caps and regular alerts ensure that you will never go over your mobile data allowance again. If you wish to stay in a 100$ – you will stay under that limit using this application.

Datawiz 1

DataWiz tracks your cellular and WiFi usage in real-time so you will always know how much you use on both. Most WiFi networks are free, so you might want to keep an eye on cellular data more, as that costs a lot more. By using a “History Graph” you can shift between days, weeks and months to see how you have been holding up.

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Using the application is pretty simple and requires absolutely no guide. All you have to do is download the application and run it. Let the application use your GPS position. Follow the on-screen instructions, which will configure the DataWiz application. Once done, you will see the dashboard which shows how much you have used and also your graphs can be accessed from this location. You can specify the cap you are allowed to use, billing date, etc. from the settings.

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DataWiz is a really handy application for all those users who want to manage the amount of data they use, so they do not have to incur extra data costs. Feel free to share your views.

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