KickSend: Easily Transfer Photos With Your Friends and Family Online

Sharing photos can be a time consuming and annoying task sometimes. Take some family function, for example, your family members urged you to send them the images quickly which you snapped at the respective event. Sharing them on Facebook is one way but that also requires some time as you have to first update the privacy settings for those specific photos so that they are only visible to certain people. Well, this is no easy task. If you used a good camera or so, the images would be a lot in size and resolution and take possibly hours to just upload.

Not only that, but you would have to find the perfect means of sharing the images. Sending them by email is one choice – but email websites like Hotmail only allow 25 MB attachment in one email. This might be a problem, since you would have to send them in multiple images. Then, some family members may not have an email ID at all – so you would need to rely on sites like Photobucket or so – which do a great job, but are time consuming and also not that secure.

Kicksend Photos is one such online service that makes the whole process easier. No hassle. Kicksend allows users to send files up to 150 mb (for web applications and any photo from your mobile phone) meaning you can share hundreds of images instantly from your phone and desktop with the people you love. If you are using Kicksend desktop client, you can upload photo or photo of any size no matter how large it is. RAW format files from DSLR cameras? No worry! Kicksend allows you to share those too – no need to convert them.

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Kicksend also has an iPhone and Android based app, so your family members or relatives can view those images from any platform – PC, iPhone or Android.

Using the service is pretty easy and simple. All you have to do is sign-up for an account on Kicksend. Once you verify your email address, your account will be complete. You will now be required to upload your photos, choose the email to which you want to send the photos to and include a short note if you want – a note explaining which event is photographed could be a good start.

Kicksend 1

Once the images have been uploaded and sent, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Over here, you can choose the “Send File” option to send more images. From Kicksend Dashboard, you can even create lists of people to whom you want to send images so that you don’t have to enter the email addresses again and again when you send those photos.

Kicksend 2

Did you try Kicksend? Feel free to share your views using the comments section below.

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