How To Stop Sites From Tracking You and Prevent Browser Hijacking

Browser hijacking is one of the biggest threats on the Internet. Hackers  can hijack browsers using Malwares and Spywares to steal the user data. In browser hijacking, hackers replace the home page of the web browser with a different url. You may think what they are going to do with the home page of a browser? Many small websites and companies install adwares in browsers without user’s knowledge to promote their products. So that every time you open the browser, their company website will load in your homepage.

You might have noticed in your browser, if you open a new tab or search something in your address bar suddenly it will open in a random search engine. This is the initial level of browser hijacking. It can go to the extent of stealing email passwords, bank transactions, credit card details and much more.

Today’s browsers are secure, but the mistakes from user side results in these types of hijacks. It may happen because of third party extensions, Flash cookies from the website you visit, installed applications on your computer, etc.. It is impossible to sit and monitor all these things manually on your computer. That’s why we have plenty of applications available for all the popular browsers to stop hijacking. “Disconnect Now” is the one such application to prevent browser hijacking. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Social Networking sites are one of the important place where you will get plenty of malicious links from people and bots. Some unknown links would say “click this link to get a free T-shirt” or “click here to get a free mobile recharge”, those links are called as Spam or Malicious links. If you follow those links, there are chances of privacy intrusion and browser hijacking. Disconnect Now helps you to get rid of these things. It will detect all the privacy intrusions automatically and warn you before following those links

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Another important threat is, the website you visit, may store some flash cookies on your system and monitor all the activities in your browser. Disconnect now will find those types of flash cookies on your browser and automatically delete it. It will show you what are all the websites secretly tracking you on the web.  You will receive a warning and you can block those websites right from the application. Even search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. will store all the websites you visit, if you have logged in to your account.

Apart from hijacking your browser, they can track all your browser activities and the websites you visit. Disconnect Now will stop all these things from your browser. Separate “Disconnect Now” extensions were available to stop tracking from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The recent update has got WiFi security, which will protect your WiFi network from unauthorized access. It is a must have security application in your computer. Try “Disconnect Now” on your machine and share your experience with us in the comment box.

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