Snippic: A Simple Way to Create PhotoBooths Online

If you are looking for an online tool that allows you to snap photos every now and then, then check out Snippic. Snippic is an online tool that allows users to snap photos. Just like those photo booths you see down at the train station or so; though they are pretty much non-existent now.


To start off, give your Photo booth a name. This can be anything, for example: “Adam’s Summer Party” or whatever your name of the event might be. Click on the “Start a Photo booth” button and you will be redirected to a camera page. Adobe Flash Settings will pop-up; give the software permission to use your laptop camera/web camera.

Snippic 1

You will have three options to choose from. The first is a “Basic” mode which is a simple mode that allows you to snap an image. The second is called “awesome!” which gives you a pose to strike, and then snaps a photo – this is something that makes the pictures more exciting and funny. The last but not least is the “Timelapse” mode which allows you to take put a timer on your photos and snap every-time the time period is over. For example: if you set a 5 second timer, an image will snap after every five-seconds.Once you have snapped your photos, the images will be visible on the right-hand side of the camera.

Once done, click on the “Make my Movie” button, and you will be given the option to configure your movie more by setting the frames per second and if you want selecting a song to play in the background. You can upload a custom song from your computer too.

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Once done, just click on the “Preview my Video” to view a movie of your photos! Quite an awesome way to show off your photobooth images; especially if you set it up at a party or so!

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