Jam With Chrome: A Best Band Practice Place on the Web

Today Google is one of the best web service providers in the world. Google’s search engine is getting more than forty billion search requests per day. Google provides more than 200 web services and products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, etc., for free. The secret behind the success of Google is either they come with an innovative idea or they acquire the Start ups who come with a different concept. Chrome is one such product from Google, which has plenty of features and a best light weighted browser in the existing ones.


Recently Google has launched a web application called “Jam With Chrome” for music lovers. It is an online band practice space where you have a different set of instruments to play and record your compositions. The web app is now in beta stage and available only for chrome. You can view the website in other browsers but web audio and web socket technology is required to run the application. It has 19 different music instruments to play and enjoy your music. Let’s have a look at the features and options available on the new web app from Google.


One of the important feature of JAM is, you can practice or compose music with your friends. It has an option to add maximum of three people to your music compositions and play along with them. Each one of you can hear all the other musical instruments. So you four can play separate instruments at the same time. It is moreover like a mobile version of Garage Band from Apple. Garage Band is a multipurpose audio editing tool where you can practice different music instruments, record and edit audio files and much more. Here in Jam you can just practice all the musical instruments online with your friends.

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JAM has two different levels of instruments in its application. One is “easy” and the other one is “Pro”. You can choose the options according to your level of expertise in band compositions. One disappointing factor in JAM is you can’t save your compositions for later use. You can just practice along with your friends and invite them to hear your compositions using a unique url on the application.

Also you have an option to chat with your fellow band people while you compose or practice with the musical instruments. It is a best hand web application from Google for Music enthusiasts. Give a shot on your chrome, surely you will love the application and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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