History Janitor: Easily Manage Browsing History in Firefox

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user then this application would be helpful to you. History Janitor as the title of the add-on suggests is an add-on for the Mozilla browser that allows users to delete “History” content from your Firefox user on your own personal preference.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you will know that you can only delete the “Recent History” and the oldest entries in your History will remain intact. There are ways to delete them manually, but that sounds like a time consuming task – and also having old history in your browser slows down your browser and your computer too.

History Janitor

History Janitor gives the users the ability to delete History using custom settings. For example, if you want to delete history that is older than 15 days, you can use History Janitor to ONLY delete content that is older than 15 days. This is quite a helpful feature as there are times when you do not want to delete a certain old history, or a certain recent one, yet delete the one before that.

Using History Janitor is pretty simple and easy. Navigate to the add-on link, which is given below and install the application. Once the application is installed, you can navigate from “Tools > Add-ons” and click on the “Options” for History Janitor. You will be required to input a number; older data than that will be deleted. Once you have entered the number, just click “Ok” and History Janitor will automatically delete the History that is older than that date.

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If you ask me, History Janitor is a really useful addon for Firefox users who want to manage their Firefox history in an efficient way. Users do not have to worry about deleting the history manually as everything is done automatically by the addon. If you gave History Janitor a try, please share your views using the comments section below.

History Janitor (Add-on)



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