Artia: An Easy To Use Online Project Management Tool

Artia FArtia is an online website that serves the purpose of a social network and also has a project management tool. However, when I say social network, I believe I mean to project the image that this social network is not for everyone, but rather for people in the business department. This particular social network will allow you to manage your projects, keep tabs on your “to-do’s”, and organize your tasks, while interacting with acquaintances from work.

Just as any other social network, Artia is available for both the personal computer and mobile devices, so you can stay relaxed and manage your projects from anywhere and anyhow (PC or mobile).

One of the best things about Artia is the fact that it is both a project management tool and a social network; combining both these elements, it allows business individuals to collaborate and team-up in an attempt to satisfy work needs and complete projected tasks before due-time; all of this requiring absolutely no training and no special hardware. Both individuals can use Artia from anywhere around the globe and work hand-in-hand to meet projected requirements and demands.

It must also be noted that since the projects are being attempted online, it serves as a great source of “cloud backup”. It would be devastating to see your project obliterated as your hard-drive crashes. However, with Artia everything is done on-line, and so, your work is always safe. Organizing your work is also more efficient as you can do it in a jiffy – no more hassle of re-arranging files in alphabetical order or so.

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To start off using Artia, sign-up for an account this hardly takes five minutes. Just key in your e-mail address, click on the link and voila, your account is made. You will just need to fill in the required details to complete your account. On the dashboard you will see a couple of options that you can use to start off using Artia. You can create a new “Community”, a new “Organization” or simply use the “Projects” menu to view your Projects and both create and view older projects.


I must remind the readers that Artia also serves as great analysis tool and allows you to both keep in touch with the deadline and also allows you to schedule your plan in such a way so as to complete the task quicker and efficiently.

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  1. I have to say i’m impressed with Artia! Very easy to undertand and use, with great PM funcionalities! Totally recommended!

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