GIFBoom: A Useful App to Create GIFs on Your iOS Device

The iTunes App Store is overloaded with thousands and thousands of applications that go unnoticed. Many of them are absolutely amazing and help users do many interesting techniques. GifBoom is one of such applications, which allows users to create and share GIFs right from the comforts of their iOS devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

There are a few applications that I have seen before that allows the same thing. However, GifBoom not only allows users to create GIF images, but also gives them the ability to convert the videos found on their iOS devices into animated GIF rolls. This is pretty amazing as a GIF is considerably smaller in size than a video; not to mention it is something not everyone would expect.

To start off, the application supports both front and back cameras. So if you have an iPhone 3, 3GS or iPhone 4, you all can benefit from this application. Even if you do not want to create a GIF image, you can simply browse the millions of GIF images found in the GifBoom library and save them onto your phone if you like them.

On opening the application, you will be required to sign-up for an account or link the application with your Twitter or Facebook account – this is so that you can share your GIFs in an instant later on. You can skip this step if you wish and sign up using your email address as well. You can use the camera button to take “unlimited” images which will then be joined and converted into a GIF image. Just click on the “Green arrow” on the top-right hand of the screen and you will be shown the images. You can pick up-to 30 images.

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GIFBoom 3

You can then either save the image to your camera roll, share them with your friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter or even publicly upload it for the world to see. GifBoom is sort of like Instagram – for animated images. Yes, you also have the option to add effects to your image if you wish. However, if you want to convert a video image or select images from your Photo library, just click on the “Import” button and choose the images from your library.

GIFBoom 4 GIFBoom 5

GIFBoom offers users with variety of settings to play with. From settings, users can edit/manage their profile, change sharing settings by connecting their Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr account so they can easily share their creations and much more.

GIFBoom 6 GIFBoom 7

GifBoom is a really good iOS application if you want to create GIFs in few minutes. Feel free to share your thoughts if you tried GIFBoom.

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