PhoneClean: Free Disk Space on Your iOS Device

If you are an iPhone user you will know that downloading applications is like a contagious disease. Once does not get tired of downloading applications and using iPhone happens to be an addiction every iOS user has. If you have the iPhone for a longer period of time, you will experience the phone getting slower and slower with each passing day.

This may be due to a variety of factors – music, apps, temporary storage is filling up, etc. This is where PhoneClean comes handy. As a Windows software, PhoneClean allows iPhone users to remove pretty much everything and anything they want from their iPhones to make it clean again and restore the fast pace you have always wanted and had.

As you will clean and delete all those cumbersome cache and temp files, your iPhone will run faster and smoother. It also frees up memory space, so you can play your games, browse the web and launch apps more quickly than ever before.

PhoneClean 1

Using the application is simple. All you have to do is navigate to the PhoneClean website and download the application. Once downloaded. Install the application. Fire up the application and you will be required to “Scan” your iPhone. If you wish, you may tick the “I’d like to keep off-line files” if you want to keep your offline cache files alive – you will need to login into every website again and so.

Start the scan the software will automatically search through each application and find the amount of memory that can be freed. If you wish to tick-off any application, you may do so. Once you have selected which applications to clean, just click on the “Clean” button and the cache and temp files will be removed.

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Phone Clean 2

It’s a great app as such a removal cannot be made from within the iPhone itself. It needs to be done using an external software.

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