Tab Scissors and Tab Glue: Helps Organizing Your Tabs in Chrome

After the concept of Social networking and online gaming came into existence, the usage of Internet has increased tremendously. Even common people today depends on the Internet for most of their works. When it comes to the Internet browsers play an important role. It actually decides your overall browsing experience. Today Google Chrome is one of the widely used browsers all over the Internet. Compared to other browsers, Chrome is light-weighted and really fast. Also there are plenty of useful extensions available for Chrome to help users in various activities.
If you spend more time on browsing, the tabs on your browser will increase automatically. At certain point of time, it becomes to difficult to find the tab you want to open. In order to get rid of that, today I’m going to tell you two different extensions for Chrome, which will help you to organize your tabs on Chrome easily. This will be very helpful for people who do Internet based business. Also by using these extensions you can easily find the unused tabs on your browser and close them. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of these extensions below.

Tab Scissors

Tab scissors is a very simple and light weighted extensions which helps you to split the selected tabs into separate windows. It can split each and every tab on your browser into a separate small window. This will help you to identify your desired tab quickly without checking all the tabs in your browser. As I said before this will also help you to identify the unused tabs on your browser. Once you split the window all the tabs on the left side remain same and the new window will be opened only from the current tab.

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Tab Glue

Tab Scissors works great with this Tab Glue extension for chrome. It is because, Tab Scissors helps you in splitting the tabs and Tab Glue helps you to join all the windows with just a click. Once you click the Tab Glue button on your browser, it will rejoin all the windows in the same arrangement as they are. Also you can join any two small windows into a single one. Just drag and drop one window into the other, all the tabs in both the window will join together.


Though the concept of these two extensions look very simple, it will be very helpful for people who open more number of tabs on their browser. It is a must have extension for Webmasters, programmers and people who depend on Internet for most of their works. Try these two extensions in your browser and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box.

Download Tab Scissors and Tab Glue for Chrome



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