Facebook Nanny: Prevents Your From Visiting Facebook Until You Have Notifications [Chrome]

Facebook Nanny is as the title of the tool suggests – an add-on for Google Chrome browser – that acts as a nanny and controls people and their unwanted desire to check Facebook every now and then. You know it. How many times have you refreshed the Facebook page, even though you know there is no new notification or message? Plenty of times I suppose.

While Facebook is an amazing way to keep in touch with the people and so, it can be a great distraction especially if you are doing an assignment or some office work. Every work has a deadline and using Facebook surely does not help with completing the work before that date. If you are tired of having Facebook ruin your day, and want to be more effective throughout the day, I’d say to give Facebook Nanny one try. If you don’t like her, you can always ‘fire her’.

Now, the first step is to navigate to the extension link and install the add-on for your Google Chrome browser (sorry Mozilla users, you would need to find something better). Now, when you use Facebook the Nanny will keep a watch.

If you have a notification or message, the add-on will give users about a minute to spend on each notification. If you have no notification, you only get to spend 15 seconds after which a message appears telling you to be more productive.

Facebook Nanny

However, while Facebook Nanny does cut off access to Facebook if you have no notification, you can still access your Facebook Messages or check your profile page, and chat with your friends. If only they would add an option to prevent even that, the whole add-on would be perfect. Save wasted time and be more productive.

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Check the application out on – Facebook Nanny (Chrome extension)



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