Privacy Manager: Removes Junk and Manages Privacy Settings in Chrome

In Internet one of the biggest threat is the privacy of user. The sites you visit and the applications on your computer may track you on the web. It may because of two reasons, if it is a Windows machine, you may not using a good antivirus or you may be using an outdated browser. When it comes to privacy all the installed applications, the browsers you use and especially your browser’s privacy settings matters a lot. So you need to take care of all these things to protect your privacy on the web. Previously I wrote about Privacy Fix, a chrome extension to stop people from tracking you on the web. Today I came with an another security extension for chrome which acts as a control panel to manage your privacy settings and helps to remove junk data from your browser.

Privacy manager will help people who don’t have idea about organizing the privacy settings in their browser. Once you the install the extension in your browser, you can see the icon with lock symbol at the right top corner of your window. Click that to see the options in privacy settings of your browser. You will find plenty of settings with on-off button for all the options.

By default, it will enable all the necessary options to protect your privacy. Instead of searching for privacy settings in the preferences of your browser, just turn on and turn off necessary features with just a click using Privacy Manager. In the screenshot, at the left bottom you can see an option called “Run in icognito mode”, it is nothing but instantly switching your current tab to private mode. That is, whatever you browse in Icogonito mode will not be store any logs in your browser.

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Cookies are important part of a browser. The websites you visit through your browser will store a patch of information in the form of cookies. So that the next time you visit, it will pull some relevant data about your previous visit. Even though it is designed for the convenience of users, some cookies are really dangerous. It will remain silently in the browser and will send user’s browsing information and other details to the website where it is downloaded from. Privacy Manager will automatically find those type of cookies and delete them. So junk data will be automatically deleted from your browser.

Another important feature in Privacy Manager is, you can easily monitor your network using this extension. Using Privacy manager you can see devices connected to your network. So you can easily find if any unauthorized devices connected to your network. Also it will help you to block those unauthorized devices from further accessing  your network. This will give a complete security to your browser as well as your computer.

Privacy Manager has got many positive reviews and most of the users found this extension very helpful in protecting their privacy. If you are using chrome as the primary browser for all your banking transactions, accessing emails and other online accounts, then Privacy Manager is a must have extension in your chrome. Try this extension in your browser and share your experience with us in the comment box.

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