DayHiker: Manage Google Calendar Tasks From Google Chrome Taskbar

The title of the add-on pretty much sums up everything that the application does in a neat way. DayHiker means that the application allows the user to ‘hike through the day’ without missing out any task and also reminds the user of any upcoming task – just as a hiker would be keeping tabs on “to-do” tasks, such as setting up camp when reaching a specific destination or so.

If you are a person like me, I personally forget to visit Google Calendar just to keep a tab on my tasks. Sometimes I am too lazy. This is where DayHiker saves the day. It brings everything you need to know and have right in your toolbar. Not only that, but it also gives you soft-reminders that allow you to remember stuff and never forget about important tasks that need tobe done, for example: sending your boss the email, wishing your best-friend “Happy Birthday” and so on and so forth.


The add-on also allows users to quickly add events to the calendar in-case if any new event pops up. A simple hover of the mouse over the add-on icon will notify you of the upcoming next event, and give you the current date and time. You can figure out how much time is left quickly and easily.

Once you have installed the add-on, the add-on will automatically sync with your Google Account once you set it up and refresh regularly to keep in date with any new events added. You can use the “DayHiker” settings tab (as shown below) to change the icon of the add-on, and the style of the badges – the notification that you receive when an event is nearing (soft reminders).

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You can check the key for the Reminder Badges on the “Settings” panel for the DayHiker add-on. It shows you what each color represents.

There are many add-ons out there that allow you to manage your schedule, but I believe DayHiker does a great job as it only links you with your Gmail account and gives you an easy access to it. Quick and simple.

Download DayHiker for Google Chrome



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