SafeGmail: Easily Encrypt Your Gmail Emails

SafeGmail is an extension for Google Chrome users that allows Google Chrome users to send “encrypted” emails to their fellow friends, family members and so on. Why would someone need to send to encrypt their emails?

Well, in the recent age of development, sending emails has also become a tad ‘un-safe’. Emails can be intercepted during transmission and read – uncovering maybe private and valuable data to a person. SafeGmail allows emails to be encrypted that gives it an extra-safe protection. The emails also are encrypted for a specific time period, after which they are automatically deleted, making the whole process even more secure.

To start off, open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the SafeGmail extension by clicking on the link found at the bottom of the post. Once done, install the extension. You will be required to login into your Gmail account and compose a new message so as to encrypt the message.


Now, once you write the email and choose the person you wish to send the email to, click on the checkbox right next to the “Encrypt” option (it is below the Subject line as you can see in the screenshot provided above). Now, you will be required to enter “a Question and Secret Answer that only the recipient can answer”. Once you have entered the encryption you will notice that now the button reads “Send + ENCRYPT”. Click on that button to send the (now) encrypted email to the recipient.


It will take less than a minute for the tool to encrypt the message and send an email. Once done, your recipient will receive the encrypted email. The reader will be required to click on the link, answer the secret question and copy/paste the encrypted code that is found in the email. Once done, the email message will be un-encrypted and shown to the user.

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Download SafeGmail for Google Chrome



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