Photo Effects 3 Free: Easily Add Different Effects to Your Photos

Image editing is a trend these days. If you have a smartphone, Instagram is the best solution for you, for professional editors, Adobe Photoshop does this task. While for the unexperienced or Non-Professional photographers, Perfect Effects 3 is an image editing software that applies special effects to pictures. This software has a lot of beneficial functionality, which makes it stand out from the ordinary image editing software that you come across the daily basis.

There are ton of effects which you can apply including HDR (it mimics HDR it does not combine multiple images) cross processing, tonal contrast, blue dawn, and various other effects. Then there are instant effects that apply different effects with frames to save up on time. You can also apply texture effects to give a retro look. There are number of textures you can choose from and they include concrete and cracked paint. There are various borders and frames hat can be applied to pictures as well.

Perfect Effects 3

When it comes to user friendliness, this software has been crafted well. You get the option to stack multiple effects to give a unique and different look. Most pictures are produced by stacking different effects and the resultant image is really impressive. You can vary the strength of each effect and the interface is similar to Adobe Photoshop, which makes it easier.

With Perfect effects 3, you also get to use masking controls to apply effects on certain areas only. This helps produce that effect where everything is black and white with only a selected portion in color. It’s free software available for use on both Mac OS and Windows. Let us know if you try it out.

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